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. ___ Let Me Introduce Myself

Certified Holistic Coach


I am Binu Prasad, fondly called by my friends as Mr. Bee (now you know where the bee in inspire bee come from) is a Certified Holistic Coach, breath-work practitioner and energy coach.

Holistic Coaching is my approach where I believe that we live in a world of Influences and the demands of the environment plunges us into all areas where we need a coach for  – Relationship; Career, Money, Self-Image, Self esteem and confidence, fears and phobias, stress and anxiety, depression and grief etc. I see every human being as a whole and hence coaching needs to encompass all areas of human life..

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. ___ You Are Who You Are

A Unique Creation of the Infinite Intelligence

It doesn’t matter what others think about you and how they treat you. What matters the most is how you treat yourself. You are a unique soul chosen by the infinite intelligence, God, divine spirit, Holy Guardian, whatever you call that as.

“Life happens for you and not to you.” We are all here for a short period and would disappear soon. In this journey, you face many ups and downs, challenges and before you know, the time will be over. It is tough to navigate this life beautifully when you have a mind that is constantly pulling you down or does its own stuff.  Your true nature of a beautiful soul has gone to sleep over some time and how can you make yourself regain that beauty of yours?

Learn to live it as you are, Love yourself so much that you are a beautiful soul crafted by infinite intelligence!

Happy Clients About Me

A well-balanced individual and a True Mentor. A coach who can bring the best out of you. Binu is one of the best leaders I’ve had the privilege to not only work with but also have been coached and mentored by him. Innovative, enthusiastic and a brilliant Motivator.In the last 7 years, I have known Binu to be a well-grounded and down to earth senior mentor. A mentor, guide, colleague & friend – a true Leader in every sense, with eye to detail, will succeed and ensuring that you succeed are in his DNAs. I have experienced the transformation of Binu from a high performing HR professional to an incredible coach who now creates high potential and high-performance teams and individuals. I won’t write more things because his thought-provoking sessions are something words would not do justice to, they can be better experienced and remembered.

Mandeep Singh

Founder – The Social Monk

“In youth, we learn, in age we understand.”

As a Hotel Management student in Mumbai in 1998, I learnt the service trade and intricacies of human behavioural dynamics from Binu Sir who was a management teacher, skills trainer and life coach who rolled into one empathetic taskmaster. Binu Sir’s tutelage continues to have a profound impact on how I respond to triumphs and turbulences of life. Even now, when I take a leaf out of his teachings, I see its various dimensions and myriad applications. I am a student of life, and a student for life, because of the “attitude” Mr Binu Prasad instilled in us to perpetually learn and constantly excel to create value. There’s very little that is insurmountable in life when you have Mr Binu Prasad by your side.

Pushkar Sanap

Company Director Brandt PSS Consultants London
I know Binu since my Hotel Management days. Right from those years, Sir has always been a strong force in my life. He with keen respect and tact guided my choices and decisions at the same time making me feel independent and more responsible.As life and time progressed Sir’s influenced in many career and life choices. His calm, astute and vast wisdom has always been a huge factor in him providing me with sound and fitting advice.I owe much of the balance and contentment in my life to him.His art of being calm in all situations is very inspirational. His peaceful demeanour and stoic approach to life situations help me similarly tackle my own.Over the years I have been enriched with his unique views and perspectives on life challenges.Thank you Sir for your constant support and invaluable time and counsel you have always rendered to me.May you be blessed to touch as many more lives just as you have touched mine!!!

Cherie D Costa

“My experience with Binu was very beneficial. He was very present, calm, and supportive. He created a safe and relaxed space for me. He asked questions that helped lead me to helpful insights. I am grateful for and impressed by his skills.”

Leanne Nelson – Allen

Yoga Teacher / Wellness Coach

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