Holistic Coach


I am Binu Prasad, fondly called by my friends as Mr Bee (now you know where the bee in inspire bee came from) is a Certified Executive Life Coach, breath-work practitioner and energy coach.

Holistic Coaching is my approach where I believe that we live in a world of Influences and the demands of the environment plunge us into all areas where we need a coach for – Relationship; Career, Money, Self-Image, Self-esteem and confidence, fears and phobias, stress and anxiety, depression and grief etc. .

I see every human being as a whole and hence coaching needs to encompass all areas of human life..

Having lived my life for over 30 years in the Corporate World of Human Resources, Leadership roles, learning and Development arena in Hospitality, Health Care, F&B Retail, life did not find any sense of fulfilment for me.

Having faced several professional and personal struggles in early life, conflict of vision in my married life, failure in a suicide attempt, struggled on the corporate ladder, I am blessed to continue living this life with utmost gratitude for the inner spirit in me.

In pursuit of the meaning of my life, as everyone does and many would find it in their inner self, I stumbled upon the idea of bringing a framework to my thoughts, emotions, energies that could be of inspiration to fellow living souls in manoeuvring their lives in this fast-paced world.

Driven by this passion and purpose, I am crafting my own life experiences in early & mid-life, relationship, career, leadership and my inner journey into learning experiences that could be of help to others in living their life here in this Universe.

I have successfully coached and mentored many students, executives, leaders, business personnel, young boys and girls, elderly personnel, friends in career management, relationship, emotional turbulence, Work-life stress and anxiety, Mindset clarity and conflict resolutions.

I am a disciplined meditator, yogi, and energy alchemist who works on manifestations, raising vibrations. Besides that I am a gratitude coach, Reiki Practioner and uses the methods of reiki to raising energy vibrations.

That’s a lot of the “ME”. Just in case you get identified a lot with this, forget about this and scan through other pages on this website of Inspirebee.

My purpose is to empower individuals with the Power of Self Inspiration to achieve emotional wellbeing in life.

Why me as a Holistic Mindset Coach?

I am not a solution for your challenges in life and taking the title of Life Coach out of me is the best thing that I can say to you and that takes me away from the Ego “I” in me and that also takes me away from the feeling of being superior to you in some ways. 

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Life’s Lessons

I have had a tumultuous journey in my personal life and a successful one onthe professional front. Many say that learn to live a balanced life, balance between work and family, spend time with family, be a partner who encourages success and many more. No one experiences your plight better than yourself. All those self-made psychologists around you give you tips and solutions, consequences of which they are not there to live but you. And everyone in life tells you or teaches you those things that never worked in their life.

Lived life unhappy for years, failed relationships, attempted suicide, lived with loneliness, bruised, hurt, experienced pain, cried several times, depressed about life, fought for innate human desires, played with pride and ego. Had Everything that even you would have gone through or going through.

Thankfully and by the grace of the universe, I kept my professional life intact, my self-learning skills inspired, managed my finances well, helped people around, trained and motivated people who needed that at work, read a lot, meditated, improved my awareness of self to accept realities and many more. Perhaps the hunger for “who am I” and letting my inner nature find its expression in love, passion, compassion amidst the human-made social web made me find my purpose – To unearth the self-inspiration in one’s self for living life.

One thing that kept me going was my tenacity to search for my inner self and my quest for awareness. What is life if we do not attempt to reach higher consciousness and that’s what kept me in the education of life.

Having been pushed to the ups and downs at early stages in life, I expedited into a journey of self-discovery and I would say I was guided by the Grace. This led me to my purpose of coaching and enabling people to realize that a Coach is living inside each of us.

I did not venture into Coaching immediately as my commitment to corporate life was on a high pedestal and though there was a misalignment of visions in marital relationship, I held back separation for several years and continued to support, knowing the differences. Life threw no options for me and bottled up emotions and frustrations led me to attempt suicide and Grace was on me once again and I survived on a thin line space.

Failure in relationship and an escape from suicide taught me perseverance and guided me to discover the innate nature of life.

Hence, I am here now to contribute my learning on self-inspiration as I realized that no one can heal you better than yourself. The switch to find that self-inspiration is faulty in many and that’s where I come in just as a technician to get you back the light. Thereafter you lead your way, with me at your reach once in a while for quick service of switches.



My dearest fellow souls,

I am grateful to you for the moment you took now to read about Inspirebee.

I am a strong believer that everything happens for a greater purpose and the very fact that you are here is by design. I thank the Universe for bringing you here to Inspirebee.

Honestly speaking, I would like to detach the “I” from Inspirebee as the “I” create the ego in me. I am nothing and no one.