My dearest fellow souls,

I am grateful to you for the moment you took now to read about Inspirebee.

I am a strong believer that everything happens for a greater purpose and the very fact that you are here is by design. I thank the Universe for bringing you here to Inspirebee.

Honestly speaking, I would like to detach the “I” from Inspirebee as the “I” create the ego in me. I am nothing and no one. But we live in a World where material / physical identities are required for the fellow living and non-living beings to associate with for their personal inner development. Hence, I exist on this Page and in the form of – Inspirebee.

Inspirebee came into existence as a form out of nowhere in the search for purpose of my life. I prefer you do not identify with this or with any. So, after you read through this, leave this aside and focus on your inner self and your consciousness.

The purpose of Inspirebee is to empower individuals with the Power of Self Inspiration, thus have a sense of fulfilment of holistic wellbeing in life.

Inspirebee is an institution/form/entity/identity/illusion coined to be of service to humanity by awakening the inner child of self-inspiration that resides inside each one of us.

Each of us is empowered by our inner spirit, the divine self.

Awaken! Awaken! Awaken! to it, my dearest brothers and sisters.