Holistic Coach


I am Binu Prasad, fondly called by my friends as Mr Bee (now you know where the bee in inspire bee came from) is a Certified Executive Life Coach, breath-work practitioner and energy coach.

Holistic Coaching is my approach where I believe that we live in a world of Influences and the demands of the environment plunge us into all areas where we need a coach for – Relationship; Career, Money, Self-Image, Self-esteem and confidence, fears and phobias, stress and anxiety, depression and grief etc.

Having lived my life for over 30 years in the Corporate World of Human Resources, Leadership roles, learning and Development arena in Hospitality, Health Care, F&B Retail, life did not find any sense of fulfilment for me. 

Having faced several professional and personal struggles in early life, conflict of vision in my married life, failure in a suicide attempt, struggled on the corporate ladder, I am blessed to continue living this life with utmost gratitude for the inner spirit in me.

In pursuit of the meaning of my life, as everyone does and many would find it in their inner self, I stumbled upon the idea of bringing a framework to my thoughts, emotions, energies that could be of inspiration to fellow living souls in manoeuvring their lives in this fast-paced world.

Driven by this passion and purpose, I am crafting my own life experiences in early & mid-life, relationship, career, leadership and my inner journey into learning experiences that could be of help to others in living their life here in this Universe.

I have successfully coached and mentored many students, executives, leaders, business personnel, young boys and girls, elderly personnel, friends in career management, relationship, emotional turbulence, Work-life stress and anxiety, Mindset clarity and conflict resolutions

I am a meditator, yogi, energy channelizer like manifestations, raising vibrations, gratitude coach and energy healer.

That’s a lot of the “ME”. Just in case you get identified a lot with this, forget about this and scan through other pages on this website of Inspirebee.

           My purpose is to empower individuals with the Power of Self Inspiration to achieve                                                                                          emotional wellbeing in life.