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Failed Relationship and Escape from Suicide

I had and have everything that one can think of from a professional Human Resource executive in corporate life. In the prime years of my life, I found myself lost amidst the natural needs of life within the format of society and everyone has their nature and vision of their own life and we cannot be demanding is something which I realized much later in my life. When the physiological, biological, emotional needs do not find a resource, the natural urge in you pushes you to be resourceful and it does not then understand society.

Having been pushed to the ups and downs of early ages in life, I expedited into a journey of self-discovery and I would say I was guided by the Grace. This led me to my purpose of coaching and enabling people to realize that a Coach is living inside each of us.

I did not venture into it immediately as my commitment to the Profession was on a high pedestal and though there wasa misalignment of visions in marital relationship, I held back separation for several years and continued to support, knowing the differences. This taught me perseverance and also guided me to discover the innate nature of life.

Hence, I am here now to contribute my learning on self-inspiration as I realized that no one can heal you better than your self. The switch to find that self-inspiration is faulty in many and that’s where I come in just as a technician to get you back the light. Thereafter you lead your way, with me at your reach once in a while for quick service of switches.