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All of us have a self-coach inside us. All of us have a self-inspiration inside us. We had this inspiration even before we were born. Something, Someone, some stuff, whether you call it energy, God, Almighty, Power, Super intelligence or whatever, it loved you enough to bless you with a beautiful life on this planet. You came with no fear, no anxiety, no stress, no ego, no worries. You were a smiling joyful creature. Life took that joy from you and here you are – depressed, stressed, angry, worried, insecure, timid, anxious, fearful, incomplete, awful, distorted, agonized etc. The same mind that gave you joy and smile when you were born is now giving you all these negativities and sufferings. The same mind has the power to be positive too. So, its all about mindset. Inspire bee focuses more on building a mindset that stays permanently with you, that protects you, that catalyzes you for getting up from negativity. The super power inside you awakens to tell you, you are enough, you are good.Inspire bee works with you to bring that change in mindset.


Time and Your Contribution

Inspire bee encourages you to ping us for a free consultation, whatever the issue that you are faced with.Hourly sessions are carried out for mindset coaching @ USD.88 per hourWhen series of sessions are required, you may contribute to inspire bee weekly or monthly depending on the duration of sessions.Inspire bee is not a commercial focused institution, however it is said no work shall be done without reward. The reward pushes you to take action as unfortunately, the pain of having paid inspires the inner self to engage and bring change.For all those having gone through hourly or weekly or monthly sessions of mindset coaching, shall have a direct email access to inspire bee and email access for a period of 7 days after the first mindset coaching comes at free of cost.


Our Coaching environment

      Physical location : Dubai.

          Virtual : We can do sessions over Zoom.


If you need advice or have a question, the best way to reach me is to schedule your free consultation call with me. You can schedule your call by clicking on the button below.

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