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“We bring balance to your emotional state and decrease the level of stress”

Take advantage of our meditation and breathwork sessions to bring transformation and healing to your life.

Breathwork is the dynamic type of intentionally working your breath to sidestep the mind and enter an alternate condition of mindfulness. Inspirebee will guide and provide tips on meditation, breath works that enhance the balance of mind, clarity of thought processes as well as alignment of energies in the body. We will help you to deep dive into your heart and soul and get yourself beaming with positive energies around you.

“Get over the past pains and reshape your life with us”

Breathwork is a functioning reflection used to usher stale energy out of the body and help rethink the sensory system’s reaction to injuries caught in the body and cells. Our break work session will help you loosen up the brain and assist you with turning out to be more alive, positive and peaceful. It can likewise assist you with reaching out to some profound feelings and sentiments.

Benefits of our meditation, breathwork session

Meditation, Breathwork Session Fee: USD. 88 per hour. 

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