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Personal Holistic Life Coaching

One on One Coaching Program
  • An ultimate guide to discovering the inspiration inside you to regain your life energy for a happy, successful and healthy life.
  • You are the master of your solutions and we guide you to be one.

Find your Purpose – Coaching for Children

One on One or Group Coaching.
  • We coach youngsters and handhold them to an extent of making them independent in life.
  • You can free yourself from the stress of colleagues, teachers, parents, siblings and all those self-declared advisors in society.

Re engineering

  • In order to make yourself conquer these limiting beliefs, all you need is Mindset reengineering. You can change your mindset if you have the will, if you change your thoughts, if you change the words you tell yourself.

Mindfulness and Meditation Coaching with Bee

Get over the past pains and reshape your life.
  • We guide and provide tips on meditation, breath works that enhance the balance of mind, clarity of thought processes and align energies in the body.
  • Get over the past pains and reshape your life. You can do it!

Gratitude – A powerful Life Changer

4 sessions of one hour each.
  • We will coach you to handle negative emotions – anger, anxiety, hate, jealousy, fear, guilt, self-sabotage, Self-pity, Sadness, Lack of confidence etc
  • You will reform a soul full of gratitude with us.

Enrich your Energies and Change your Life

  • We will help you awake your positive energy aura to manifest everything you want and make your surroundings positive.
  • You have the power to raise your energy and serve the World. You can do it!


  • We will help you enhance your interview skills, resume writing, email drafting and career Progression.
  • You can boost your courage, certainty, resilience, confidence and commitment with our help.

Working with Law of Attraction

  • Through our proven techniques we will change the way you think and bring positivity to you.
  • You can achieve what you want through processes of LOA that one can easily practice.

Connect with Bee

Connect with inspirebee for a 30 minutes complimentary chat to help customize a coaching session that your personal and professional challenges demand.