Why me as a Holistic Mindset Coach?

I am not a solution for your challenges in life and taking the title of Life Coach out of me is the best thing that I can say to you and that takes me away from the Ego “I” in me and that also takes me away from the feeling of being superior to you in some ways. We are all the same and it’s the same energy that runs through each of us. I am energy, you are energy and the universe is energy, all parts of the same. But why would you need a person like me or the so-called form Inspire bee?

What would you gain from a person who failed in his marriage, attempted suicide, lived in depression and had many failed relationships in his life? That’s the catch.

“Success teaches you to lead whereas Failures teaches you to coach”

Success tells you what is the best way, failures tell you what doesn’t work and why? 

Things that worked for me could work for you too. I don’t give you tips to change; I don’t give you prescriptions for change, I don’t stuff you with knowledge, rather I help you find your solutions. It is not an easy step or a quick fix, but it is a journey and I am confident you will trust me with that. I see you as a form with enormous energy and solutions and not as a problem.

My strength is my patience, my ability to relate with others without being identified or attached and above all I listen to genuinely contribute to your life.

I find my purpose when I meet people like you and I derive my passion by being an enabler for self-inspiration in yourself.

Coaching is not born out of commercial aspiration for me, I am guided for the same and after many years, I could put this in Public for my current phase of life – Contribution.

Do not approach me if:

  • You are expecting me to do everything for you
  • You are in a judgement mode
  • You are not willing to put efforts
  • You are a dabbler
  • You are looking for a quick solution and don’t want to commit to your practices patiently

Inspirebee works on one principle – Inspiration is inside you. I am just a catalyst awakening that spirit inside you. The power is in you and not in me. I am only an ignition. You need that Ignition and that is – Coaching.

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